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Will Harding's Beast Nation Boot Camp

Will Harding's Beast Nation Boot Camp

The Buzz About Beast Nation...

Only the best of he best trainer. The atmosphere is great the people joining are great, and end a session with feeling amazing. There's a reason why I stick around, not only do I get results but Will is simply hands down the best person, best trainer, best at what he does. Price is just perfect and has a different times for all those full time workers or full time parents. In my case fill time worker and mom. With 2 toddlers I still manage. Beast nation boot camp is the best experience, happy I found it. No other boot camp can compare, simply because there's only one Will, and one beast nation boot camp. Highly recommend it to just about anyone and everyone. -Cindy

If you're looking for a place where you can enjoy a good workout, feel accomplished and see results for an affordable price... Well BEAST NATION IS THE PLACE TO BE! I've been coming here for several months and have lost 38 lbs (one of the reasons I keep coming back for more). :D The Trainer- Will is friendly, knowledgeable, and most important a great professional trainer. The Workout- You start with a group warm up then the group is split into pairs of 2. Will (the trainer) sets up different workout stations and rotates you several times through all the stations - I personally like this because you don't get bored doing the same thing over and over. He also sometimes changes it up and makes things a bit more interesting by playing a round of Simon says (make sure you pay attention) You then finish with a short final group workout. The Results- After my first session (5 weeks long) I noticed an improvement in physical capability, and appearance. I now look back and wonder why I didn't start sooner. I feel great and I know I have a lot more to go, but I am extremely proud to say I dropped from size 16 down to a size 12 which I had not fit into in over 10 years :O If this doesn't convince you to join, you can check it out for yourself without any commitment... I believe he still offers 1 day free to come try it out for yourself. Just do it... You won't regret it ;) Thanks Will!!!!! :)) -Trini

This is seriously the best bootcamp class I've taken. Not only does Will dedicate time for you during the classes but he also gives you the best of his training with hikes and designated abs workout sessions. I will definitely be coming back for more. He'll have you hurting and sweating like no other workout out there. This is definitely a million times more interesting than running on a treadmill for an hour. Will Harding's Beast Nation Bootcamp is the best way to get bikini ready for this summer! Will is the best trainer out there. He truly cares about you. You'll receive a personal text if you miss class just to make sure you're OK. He is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Will definitely knows what he's doing. What are you waiting for???? Sign up NOW!! -Bere M.

I have nothing but great things to say about Will and his boot camp! Will is super welcoming and really pushes me to be my greatest! Not only has he helped me get in shape and making my body better, he's helping me feel healthier too! On top of his amazing work out he's helped me with my dietary plan and eating healthy so I'm seeing the results a lot faster! I just started coming to him 4 weeks ago and I'm definitely coming back when the next session starts! --Daniel P.

With two kids and a full time job I would have never thought it would be possible for me to find time, especially energy to workout. Until I came to Beast Nation!!!! Now, I look forward to my workouts and my energy is through the roof. With different class times and special one on one classes Will makes it possible for you no matter what your schedule is like. The hardest part is getting yourself to class, once you're there Will takes care of the rest. His energy makes you want to do your best; his knowledge teaches you everything you need to know about your diet and exercise. He takes time to personally teach you what you need to do in order for you to succeed. He makes you feel like an individual instead of just part of a class. I've dropped 5 dress sizes and feel better than ever. -B

Prior to working with Will, I had never done any kind of one on one training and was a bit apprehensive about doing so. I enjoy working out and have even trained myself to successfully run three marathons. What was lacking in my routine was a solid strength training program. I wanted to be stronger and gain more muscle tone and definition, so I decided to give personal training a try.

I am very happy that I did. From our first communications, Will was extremely positive and quick to respond, making it easy to schedule a time and location. When the first day of training arrived I was both nervous and excited, not sure of what to expect or how I would do. We spoke briefly about my goals and got underway. By the end of the session, my muscles were fatigued and I could barely complete the reps. Will continued to incite, reassure, and push me and I left with a feeling of accomplishment and a drive to come back and improve. Throughout our months of training together Will was always punctual and prepared with a challenging workout for the day. He does a great job explaining each of the exercises as well as listening to your needs and adjusting if necessary.

Will is a phenomenal coach with the rare combination of pushing you to always do your best and to keep working hard while still being supportive and encouraging. I have noticed extreme improvements in my strength as well as visible improvements in my body. I started out doing push-ups on my knees and can now knock off numerous full-length push-ups in a row with good form. I've noticed improvements in my flexibility and have also gotten to be a faster runner. Additionally, one of my colleagues at work even stopped to tell me that I looked fantastic and asked what type of workout I was doing.

With all of the available options out there for training and working out, I would whole-heartedly recommend one on one training with Will. You will enjoy your time and discover your body improving every day. It is well worth both the time and money and I could not say enough good things about Will.

I highly recommend giving Will a try! -Nicolle

5/5 STARS! Will has been my life saver the past two months!! The intensity, care and passion of Will are far and few between. Im not close from my goal weight/shape, but ive already lost 15lbs of fat and gained a lot of core muscles! His Beast Nation Bootcamp rates are very reasonable and has multiple sessions through out the week.
:D -Chris

Will is the best thing that could have happened to me and my body. I have never been inspired the way I am at this exact moment. I have seen my body transform. I have never felt so strong. I have never felt this amazing. I have lost weight (about 90lbs since meeting Will), and even though I am not where I want to be yet, I can guarantee that with my hard work and Will's experience and direction, I will get there. Will has also prepared me for the sheriff's academy and when it came to testing, I was so ready and was one of the top performers!! I have done it all, 1 on 1 sessions and the group Bootcamps.

The 1 on 1 sessions are great because Will can really focus on your own individual concerns and problems and have workouts that will target problem areas. If you have personal goals, the way I did, this is a great way to accomplish them. The Bootcamps are also great. Not only are they fun, but you also get an amazing workout. There is great music, and everyone who is there supports each other. Will is the best mentor and greatest supporter that I have ever had. If your are serious about a change in your life, join the team.

Rep BEAST NATION all day! -Debbie

Going through this program was difficult at first. I was a very active person I was constantly playing soccer and I had so much energy. After I tore my ACL my energy level went down, I gained weight, and I was always sleeping. After my surgery I tried getting back In shape but It was hard because I was use to doing no physical activity. Going through this program little by little I began having more energy! It was challenging but Will is a great motivator that helped me when I wanted to give up. When we first started to train I couldn't do a single pull up! I could only bench press 110lbs and had no muscle tone at all!

90 days later I can easily do 3 sets of 12 pull ups with ease! My bench press went from 110lbs to 225lbs and I have a muscles! now i can do 10. There was times where I would think everything was getting too easy well he has easy ways to make it more challenging. So you can count on getting a good work out. It's a guarantee that you will get the results that you want if you stay committed. It doesn't Hurt to try it out!

I promise you that you won't regret it!

Beast Nation! -Oliquer

Will Harding is a fantastic trainer with an infectious passion for what he does. Every time I go to a session, I feel empowered, stronger and consistently driven to keep on working hard to reach my goals. Will really knows how to push you to your limits while simultaneously keeping it a fun and enjoyable experience for you. I would recommend Will to anyone who wants to stay in shape, and feel the best they ever have.

I mean, let's face it, who doesn't want to look like a BEAST?! -Jessica

I normally workout 3-4 times a week, so I though I was in shape/fit. So when Will told me about his class, I decided to try it out. Boy, let me tell you, the good shape I thought I was in, was a lie! lol! Taking his class and getting into Beast mode really showed me what getting in shape and the commitment to getting into shape was all about! After taking his Beast Nation Bootcamp classes I feel shredded, lean, and full of energy! I would recommend Beast Nation to anyone who "thinks" they are in shape. Then talk to me afterwards!

I can say I'm in Beast mode can you?

-Hadrian Hooks

I cannot rave enough of how far I’ve come since I joined Beast Nation Bootcamp! I’m extremely happy with my results! I’ve lost weight, my stamina has improved dramatically, I feel healthy and I have gained confidence. My loved ones have also noticed the change in my body since I joined back in October, and they too have decided to join the fun.

The Beast himself (Will) motivates you, pushes you, and makes sure that you get an effective workout every time! I always walk out feeling accomplished and sore! The people and upbeat music allows us to have fun and really enjoy our workout. I have never met someone so passionate and dedicated to help you achieve your fitness goals like Will. He truly is one of a kind!!

I promise you’ll walk out of there with results, confidence and new friends. Stop postponing your fitness goals…

Get to it! Beast Nation is what you need!