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Will Harding's Beast Nation Boot Camp

Will Harding's Beast Nation Boot Camp

Frequently Asked Questions!

What is the Beast Nation Boot Camp work out like?

The program is a mix of Strength Training and cardio using your body weight,resistance bands and dumbbells. It is a Great program for people of all fitness levels.  If you havent worked out in years, thats no problem! What makes this program special is that its tailored to your fitness level and needs! We do things in intervals to keep your heart rate going and maximize the fat burning.  It is a challenging and dynamic workout with unique exercises to shock your body.  Will is a great motivator and finds various ways to keep you motivated and have the best time working out!  If you love to workout with great music, DJ's come into class and bring a great workout environment!  Great workouts, Great Results, Great Atmosphere! Everything you need is here!

Why are we the best?

I can go on for days about why we are the Best! Lets start off with pricing.  $130 for 5 weeks is a GREAT deal, and heres why.  The average indoor bootcamp price in Los angeles ranges from $180 to $225 per 4 or 5 weeks!  Our program is only $130 for 5 weeks, includes towel service, Top DJ's, amazing workouts with Great Results!  We offer even better deals when it comes to Personal Training!

What is great about Beast Nation Boot Camp is we always accomodate you.  Do you have a past injury that stopped you from working out? Do you feel like you cant hang? Thats all nonsense!   Reason is because all our workouts are customized just for you.. Give Will a call and let him know about previous injuries or if you need to start really slow.   Thats no problem!  We are here for you..


What do I need to Bring?

Water and positive attitude!  When it comes to fitness, Postive changes only happen with a positive mind and attiutude.  You come in with that, and we will take care of your results!

What makes Beast Nation Boot Camp Different from all other Boot Camps?

Beast Nation Boot Camp has an amazing atmosphere!  With the heart pumping music, A fun trainer that motivates you every single day and wants you to succeed. Towel service, DJ's, Family atmosphere, Great Discounted Rates, Personal Training are one of the many reasons why we are the best!